Security Tech Today: Beyond Pure Security

Security Tech Today

Over the last two decades, government facilities have been at the forefront of the adoption of new security technologies which have allowed us to protect tangible and intangible assets better than ever before. Government facilities have also been swift to realize that these technologies have highly beneficial applications outside pure security such as in automating for improved processes.

Today, it’s possible to leverage simple techniques to help automate processes while adding operational improvements, greater efficiencies and cost savings.

Security Tech Today: Beyond Pure Security

Energy Management and Temperature Monitoring

One of the simplest applications is in energy management. Energy management and critical temperature monitoring can regulate and regularly assess temperatures in temperature sensitive areas such as server rooms, freezers, or coolers and even automate processes. Users can access regularly generated reports and logs which can validate compliance—or alert when temperatures fall or rise beyond preset norms. Humidity sensors can protect important computer components or other areas where a loss could be critical.

Sensors and Detectors

Today, sensors can also be deployed to save energy and reduce the energy spend. Automation systems allow users to adjust temperature or turn lights on or off based on occupancy, saving businesses hundreds or more annually on utility costs when employees are not in the area, or during off-hours, such as weekends or holidays.

Video Surveillance

Government facilities also use video Surveillance and analytics for applications beyond pure security. For example, it is used to track products and supplies as they enter and leave the facility during order fulfillment—yielding actionable business intelligence. High-resolution cameras can also address compliance. High-resolution video also yields positive identification throughout a wide expanse of an area to identify any problems or exceptions, real-time, which may be occurring on the manufacturing or distribution floor and possibly preventing a loss or incidents of sabotage.

Radio frequency identification (RFID) and Global Positioning Systems (GPS)

RFID and fleet tracking are additional valuable technologies with wide applications for government facilities used in fleet management and product tracking. RFID-based seals can protect the supply chain against thieves and tampering.

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