Small Business Security: No Small Matter

Small Business Security

A robbery at a large company usually won't have much effect. Larger businesses can absorb the cost and move on. But for a smaller company, the theft of expensive equipment or valuable assets could spell financial ruin. That's why small business security is so important for small to medium-sized businesses. Because they have fewer employees and a tighter security budget, it makes a lot of sense to use a cloud-based component to their small business security system. This gives the small business security owner increased accessibility and control that integrated, cloud-based security solutions offer.

As small businesses security grow and evolve, the need for comprehensive security measures becomes increasingly important. While traditional security measures such as cameras and alarms are essential, cloud-based security options offer a new level of security and convenience. In this guide, we will explore the benefits of cloud-based physical security and provide a step-by-step approach for small business security owners to implement cloud solutions into a robust and effective security system.

Protect Your Small Business Security

Physical security is the foundation of any small business security system. This includes surveillance cameras, access-controlled doors, and motion and intrusion detectors. These will all help protect the business but they lack the nuanced scalability needed in a small business environment. But by adding integrated, cloud-based options to a system, you have an added level of control and ease that frees you to worry less about security and more about what matters most: running your small business.

Cloud-Based Physical Security Features

Some of the many features cloud-based solutions offer are:

  • Remote access - Access your security anywhere and anytime. Whether you're a one-person operation or run a company with hundreds of employees, you can log in and access your security from anywhere with internet access. Allowing you to check cameras, grant access, or see records from anywhere.
  • Scalability - As your company grows, your security system can grow right along with you. Adding components and options to your security system as you need it makes cloud-based security components attractive and a great option for a small to a growing mid-sized company.
  • Updates are a snap - Because updates are handled automatically with no need for input from the end user. This means no more server or software upgrade expenses.
  • Reduced environmental impact - With less hardware and no hardware updates, cloud solutions create less plastic and e-waste as they are primarily software-driven
  • Future-proof, redundant, and backed-up - Everything is updated, backed up, and stored in the cloud. From video recordings to entrance logs, no matter what happens, your data is safe and secure.

Cloud-Based Security - A Case Study

Imagine a small business owner with a cloud-based security system meeting with prospective clients at a trade show. Suddenly they get an alert on their phone: an intrusion alert at the office on the other side of the country. The CEO can check their cameras and see that the new hire accidentally triggered the alarm. Now the business owner can easily shut off the alarm, communicate with the staff member, and reset the system after the staff member leaves - all from their phone. Then casually turn to their sales lead … and close the deal. 

This is the power a cloud-based security system gives you.

Focus Less on Worry and More on Business

Safeguard your small business security and take control of your security by utilizing a cloud-based system to handle your security. SSP is proud to have partnered with many of the industry's most innovative manufacturers to offer you several cutting-edge, cloud-based security solutions. There are so many options and features to choose from when designing your custom security solution -- the choice is yours.

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