What to Look for in Successful Physical Security Systems for Manufacturing

Physical Security Systems for Manufacturing

What to Look for in Successful Physical Security Systems for Manufacturing

Physical security is a key consideration in any manufacturing facility. Solutions such as access control, video surveillance, intrusion detection, and environmental monitoring do much more than safeguard people and intellectual property from outside threats. They also help ensure compliance and mitigate internal threats such as loss of property, damage, improper protocols, and more.

As systems become more sophisticated it is easy to get lost in technology and forget some basic elements that will ensure that the commercial physical security system for manufacturing is right for your facility. Whether looking for a security system for a smaller facility or a network of buildings across several properties, here are a few key considerations. 


Of necessity, there are many components to physical security systems for manufacturing, from perimeter security, access control, and video surveillance to fire detection, intrusion detection, and environmental monitoring. Often, facilities will invest in different components of their physical security at different times and end up with elements that are disparate and siloed. This significantly decreases the effectiveness of your entire security system. That is why it is critical to consider physical security systems for manufacturing holistically and evaluate their integration capabilities before you dive in and as you add components.

Occupant Friendliness

While a security system must do its job, it must also accommodate the various levels of access within the facility. The front office may require simple and freer access while classroom areas may require stricter access. A system should accommodate different zoning needs and help it run more efficiently and securely. 

IT Friendliness

Manufacturing facilities typically have a large staff, some turnover, and many levels of access to different parts of the facility.  Every time an employee is on-boarded or visitor needs access, the access control system must work with the HR system to grant access and permissions within the facility. Because access control is foundational to any manufacturing facility security plan, the IT friendliness of your system another key consideration. 

Maintaining Compliance

Worldwide, and across the manufacturing industry regulations are increasing and facilities must be compliant to compete. Internally, physical security systems for manufacturing help ensure that employees uphold company practices and provide audits that are critical for smooth operations. 


Physical security systems for manufacturing play a role well beyond pure security. To learn more about comprehensive physical security solutions including cloud solutions, call SSP today! 1.888.540.0175