The Importance of Emergency Communication in Education

Emergency Communication in Education

The increase in the number of critical events in the educational setting has taught us that, unfortunately, not only are schools not exempt from a crisis they are often a target for serious crimes.

Today, campuses at every level have a greater responsibility to keep students safe. In an emergency situation, an educational facility’s communication system and how effectively it is used can have a massive influence on everything from facilitating an emergency response to gaining cooperation. This is why the right communication tools used rightly are so very important.

Emergency Communication in Education is a Critical Component of Crisis Response

While having mass notification and communication systems in place may not prevent a crime, it may save lives and aid in removing people from harm’s way. For example, following the tragic mass shooting at Virginia Tech, a review found that the school did not comply with timely warning issuance that could have helped save lives. In light of this, 75% of campuses have since implemented an emergency communication in education system of some type.

In a crisis, emergency communication in education can:

  • Facilitate a tactical response
  • Direct and inform students
  • Instill confidence
  • Impact mood and perception
  • Seek cooperation
  • Mitigate risk

Considering Your Emergency Communication in Education System

One of the most important considerations in emergency communication system is often the most overlooked, that is ease of use. In an emergency, you would not have the time to “figure out” how to use the system, so be sure to implement a system that can be easily learned and used by a team of people.

Next, in choosing and implementing your emergency communication system it is important to discuss the options with a professional. Not every option is right for every facility, and every facility will have barriers to overcome. A professional can look at the security risks and help overcome them with the right technologies.

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