Proprietary or Nonproprietary Commercial Security Systems in Manufacturing?

Proprietary or Nonproprietary Commercial Security Systems

Manufacturing facilities are diverse in everything from size to processes, so it makes sense that their security needs would also be equally diverse, and often changing. Understanding this can make choosing non-proprietary commercial security system solutions important to the long term success and functionality of the system.  

Proprietary or Nonproprietary Commercial Security Systems in Manufacturing?

What is a Proprietary System?

The word “proprietary” describes something owned by a specific company or individual. It is often used to describe software that is not open source or freely licensed. Proprietary systems integrate exclusively with the equipment and software provided by the company that manufactures the system components.

What is a Non-Proprietary Commercial Security System?

By contrast, non-proprietary security systems are “open source” and are easily maintained and integrated with additional systems. 

Why Manufacturing Facilities are Choosing Non-Proprietary Security Systems

Increasingly, commercial manufacturers want non-proprietary alarm systems to protect their facilities and operations. Here’s why:

  • More control. With a non-proprietary system, the owner is not “married” to a manufacturer or narrow choice of service providers.
  • Better cost control. Since the systems are non-proprietary, users can choose from a wider range of product options to meet their security needs. 
  • Systems are highly scalable. Without being tied exclusively to one manufacturer, the user is able to grow the system as needed using any product that is able to be integrated. 


SSP offers scalable solutions that are able to grow with your manufacturing facility. We never lock customers down into cumbersome, and inflexible proprietary systems. Additionally, SSP offers the SSP Service Excellence Program, delivering the industry’s most complete after installation support.


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