Manufacturing Facility Security Risks

Top Manufacturing Facility Security Risks and How to Solve Them

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Manufacturing facilities have a lot to consider when it comes to managing security risks. Not only is protecting the facility a priority, but so is protecting its employees, visitors, community, information, and more. To do this effectively, facilities must understand their risks and the appropriate solutions.

Top Manufacturing Facility Security Risks

In an ever-changing business landscape, manufacturers face varied exposures (or risks) with customers, employees, and operations. Innovation, from new technologies to expanding markets, can introduce opportunity but also potential vulnerabilities. Not understanding these risks can affect a company’s brand, reputation, and profitability.

Consider these risks to manufacturing businesses and the specialized solutions you can use to help protect your company.

1. Theft and Burglary

Theft means taking someone's property but does not involve the use of force. Burglary means illegally entering a property in order to steal property from it.

2. Workplace Violence

Workplace violence can erupt within the facility between workers or occur when an outsider comes inside the facility to perpetrate violence. 

3. Accidents

Accidents most frequently occur because of a failure to comply with established processes and regulations.

4. Injuries 

Injuries are very common in the manufacturing workplace and are often the result of a lack of procedures or a failure to follow them.

5. Fraud

Every business is susceptible to those wanting to perpetrate fraud. Most commonly, fraud comes in the form of false injury claims. 

6. Directors and Officers Exposures

Owners, directors, and operators face risks such as false allegations, commonly in the form of failing to respond to emergency situations such as accidents or injury properly. 

7. Sabotage 

Sabotage involves the destruction of an employer's property, tools, equipment, or products to hinder the manufacturing process, which can ultimately affect a company's profits.

Origin of Threats

Outsiders: Individuals unauthorized to be on the premises or those who have gained authorized entry to perpetrate crime.

Insiders: Employees and other internal stakeholders who have the authority to be on the premises and have wide access to the facility. Threats from internal stakeholders can be even more damaging than those from an outsider. 

Protect Manufacturing Facilities with Layered Security

Failure to take risks seriously can result in devastating loss to a facility. Fortunately, there is a wide range of physical security solutions available to help address threats and reduce risks. 

Deterrence is aided by fortified perimeters, intrusion detection, and video surveillance with monitoring and live call-down.

Detection is facilitated by video monitoring and analytics, and an integrated system of sophisticated motion sensors and glass break sensors to detect points of intrusion.

Delaying progression of a threat is possible with the use of barriers such as access control to isolate sensitive areas. 

Response is expedited when security personnel, employees, and management receive real-time alerts on smart devices; mass messages can be communicated, and tools to quickly intercept and neutralize the threat at hand.

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