433MHz for Infant Security

Top Advantages of 433MHz for Infant Security

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Infant and patient security is a top priority for any healthcare facility. According to data tracked since 1983, infant abductions committed by non-family members have totaled 270. Of those incidents, 47% occurred in the hospital environment.

To minimize abduction risks and vulnerabilities, an estimated 80% of hospitals in the U.S. use some form of electronic matching for babies and parents. Many of these solutions force hospitals to go completely WiFi, where signal interference, WiFi latency issues, and even a WiFi shutdown can put the most vulnerable patients at risk.

Some of the Risks of WiFi-based Solutions

While Wi-Fi-based solutions offer some advantages, they also come with some risks.   

  • WiFi Signal Interference - The NIH notes that mobile communication devices and wireless data transmission in the hospital environment is increasing. Electric devices such as cellular phones, walkie-talkie radios, wireless local area networks (WLAN), personal digital assistants, and Bluetooth devices can cause electromagnetic interference (EMI).
  • Wifi Latency- Network connectivity connects the different parts of the network through access points (A.P.s.P.s), routers, and gateways. Since this process supports devices that often offer critical services to patients and providers, slow or unreliable connectivity is unacceptable.  Yet, the number of failed or slow connections in healthcare environments is much higher than it should be. Around 45 percent of connections initially fail, which causes an average of two additional seconds of wait time to load an application.
  • WiFi Shutdowns- Numerous things can cause WiFi shutdowns, including inadequate design, insufficient access points, unpredictable density, challenging physical environment,  and device overload. Cyberattacks are also a growing problem. According to a new study, nearly half of U.S..US hospitals have disconnected their networks due to ransomware in the past six months.

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RTLS Using 433MHz Offers a Solution

An additional solution for RTL is systems using 433MHz for Infant Security to identify, locate, and protect children. The secure, reliable 433MHz radio frequency is in line with the trusted Gartner recommendation:

Technologies such as WiFi are used for proximity tracking where the use case does not require granularity. Frequencies such as 13.56 MHz, passive UHF, BLE, or UWB are often used for zonal tracking when integrated into ID tags, wristbands, or security badges that detect where employees are at a specific time and date. Other frequencies such as 433MHz for Infant Security will go through the human body and are best when maintaining contact is imperative..”

Gartner, “Hype Cycle for the Internet of Things, 2020,” Alfonso Velosa, Dale Kutnick, Benoit Lheureux, Roger Williams, 15 July 2020

SSP Offers GuardRFID TotGuard

GuardRFID is a powerful solution for facilities looking to solve common RTLS issues. It is: 

  • Compatible with a Wide Range of Solutions
  • Uses the Reliable 433MHz band
  • Reduces False Alarms
  • Frequency Will Go Through the Human Body

What are the Top Advantages?

  • Longer Lasting Battery Life Up To 12 Months 
  • Wider Range and Better Wall Penetration than WiFi
  • Better Performance in the Presence of Absorbing Materials
  • Comfortable and Unobtrusive
  • 4 Different Easy-to-Apply Tags and Bands
  • Smallest and Lightest Tags on the Market
  • Adjustable for Weight  Changes
  • Tamper Detection
  • Umbilical Tags
  • Reliable, Stable, Efficient, and Scalable

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