Security of Your Manufacturing Facility

Are Environmental Factors Interfering with the Security of Your Manufacturing Facility?

Manufacturing and critical infrastructure facilities are hotspots for theft, vandalism, and other crimes that lead to losses. With many of these facilities being shut down or brought to reduced capacity by state governments, physical security simply cannot be overlooked—these facilities house valuable equipment and systems, inventory, and valuable materials. Proactive steps must be taken now more than ever to prevent unauthorized individuals from entering the premises under any environmental conditions.

Some factors to consider when designing a sophisticated physical security plan include:

  • Local crime information and statistics
  • Day & nighttime visibility
  • Physical barriers to the facility
  • Terrain & infrastructure
  • Critical assets visibility
  • Environmental conditions such as weather

Navigating environmental conditions in Security of Your Manufacturing Facility

Large industrial properties are most vulnerable at nighttime when visibility is low and not as many people are on the property. This is especially the case as stay-at-home orders are implemented for the second time, and many non-essential workers must stay home. The security components that comprise a sophisticated security plan must function optimally regardless of low lighting, climate, or terrain.

Thermal imaging technology in Security of Your Manufacturing Facility

One such component of a security system optimized to trump environmental factors would be advanced thermal imaging technology or thermal cameras. Thermal cameras are an optimal addition to a manufacturing security system because not only do they function in low-light conditions, but they can also operate during poor weather conditions or through obstructions such as trees and fences. Utilizing a combination of thermal imaging cameras and software, thermal cameras can detect the body heat of someone that comes into view.

What you need to consider before installing thermal cameras in Security of Your Manufacturing Facility

Given thermal imaging cameras require advanced software analytics, traditional surveillance systems aren’t always able to identify human intruders due to environmental factors. By using state-of-the-art software with specialized algorithms and proper verification protocols, thermal imaging technology that is deployed as part of a comprehensive security system can:

  • Reduce business disruption
  • Reduce false alarms
  • Identify and prevent intruders from trespassing on the property
  • Mitigate criminal activity

We have solutions for your needs of Security of Your Manufacturing Facility

Manufacturing and critical infrastructure facilities are vital to our economy, supply chain, national security, and workforce. At SSP, we have the expertise and solutions that will function no matter the conditions to ensure your facility remains secure. 

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